hi to you!

Curiosity-invoking voyager, born in China, raised in Canada, I’m currently living in Montreal.

The call of lands across oceans have always lured me in my dreams at night and during the day. As I complete my studies in finance and art history, I take the learning of the world into my own hands: after all, we learn what we live.

Sharpening the eye to inspire the vision in the beauty I see is gained little by little through my travels. Having worked in art trades and contemporary art, I search for the elusive feelings when we come into contact with a new piece of art, a new place, and a new sense of self.

A soft focus and light palette mark my portfolio. Every year, I offer myself a treat to another corner of the globe.

In this blog, you will find small tips and big advice as we all build our travelling history together.

Contact: qiuxia@lifeoffthehook.com